“There were two of us, and to this day I can still remember the look on our faces when we saw the first render”

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Martina Re S.p.A.
Luxury Villa, Costa Smeralda

“I am Claudio Ammonti, General Manager of Martina Re. Our business is real estate development. In the real estate sector we manage loans, as well as offering finance, design, construction, furnishing and above all sales services.

We have been collaborating with Inside practically forever, ever since Martina Re opened. Our relationship with Inside has always been continuous, especially for high-level projects.

The added value that Inside has brought to our investment is definitely EMOTION.

We believe that we are good at presenting properties, good at building them, and good at selling them. We have a customised 'turnkey' methodology and Inside has helped us in the initial approach with the client, the first impact, and that emotion that is aroused in the final customer.

It is hard to believe it, but everything we have built and are building is sold.
This is thanks to our capabilities and a successful collaboration with Inside.

I still remember the first project we did with Inside. There were two of us, the look on our faces when we saw the first render. What a thrill! We call it EMOTION, Inside calls it the WOW factor.”

Claudio Amonti
Martina Re