“There are a lot of very good firms, but we are only capable of providing that special something thanks to Inside”

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“I am the sole director of Martina Re. We offer services for turnkey solutions in the real estate world. We provide comprehensive advice to our clients, from the initial phase of analysis and financial development to the design, site management, interior design and furnishing phases, as well as marketing and then sales.

Martina Re specialises in high-level services. All our customers are looking for something that goes one step beyond.

There are lots of very good studios, which do excellent work, but we are only capable of providing that special something with the videos and renders produced by Inside. In them I have definitely found professionalism, a willingness to collaborate and the ability to understand the project in general.

Our relationship with Inside is ongoing because of the value added by the collaboration forged over the years and the opportunity to have, through Cristian and his collaborators, a dedicated contact person who assists us each time in analysing the project, understanding the customer's needs and directing the project to the final target, while also meeting our technical requirements and transforming them into an emotion for the customer.”

Veronica Folli
Martina Re