“To sell something that doesn’t exist yet, you have to show what the future holds”

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Mediat S.r.l.
Viva City, Milano

“We use Inside for our most prestigious projects, because its expertise and ability to make an image of something that does not yet exist absolutely realistic allows us to make a difference compared to our competitors.

For 32 years we have been involved in the construction of innovative and very modern buildings. We have built over 1,200 of them, and we work with Inside on various projects because it is a valuable and very competent collaborator.

Cristian's excellent taste allows us to always have a different perspective from our competitors.

I jokingly call Inside 'the truffle', because it is something satisfying and exquisite that we use to make important dishes special.

We rely on Inside for our 'special dishes' because we care about enhancing certain important details, and we can't do that with any other firm.

The other quality of theirs that I appreciate is that if the product is not the way I want it, the technicians at Inside roll their sleeves up and rework the materials several times until we get exactly the result I was looking for.

The only suggestion we can give Inside is to keep up the good work!

It must always remain one of the first, if not the top firm in Italy, at least in terms of skills and quality of work performed, and it must continue to be the most innovative firm on the market.”

Marco e Alessio Locatelli
GE Homes