• 1. Do you only produce renders?
    The render is just one of the possible outcomes of digital production. In addition to static filming, we offer tools suitable for an audience increasingly accustomed to a variety of other virtual content and tools such as Video footage, 3D Animations, Interactive Tours, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications or Configurators.
  • 2. There are studios that produce renders at very cheap prices. Why turn to you?
    In every sector there are countless choices. Those who turn to Inside are looking for professionalism, quality, and a speed of reaction and execution that cannot be compared to other competitors, not to mention an end product of the highest standard. Not all the tools on the market are equally effective and can be used to conclude important negotiations faster and more effectively.
  • 3. How much do your services cost?
    INSIDE does not subscribe to the logic of preset formats because each project is unique and it is developed according to the needs and requirements of the case. There are no 'do-it-yourself' style templates to fill in: Instead there are investigations, comparisons and strategies translated into hours and hours of planning until we propose to the client the tool which, in our experience, will lead to the expected result.
  • 4. Is all the material on the Inside Site virtual?
    The Inside site consists of images and videos created entirely digitally by us. The only photos present are those of our own company premises.
  • 5. We are used to building the physical prototype, finding a location, building the set for the various shoots and video shoots, etc. Why should I use a render?
    With the development of virtual prototypes, any change in shape, material or finish generates immediate visual feedback, which can be used there and then as a test to evaluate any changes up to the final version. In contrast, the time it takes to produce a physical prototype, plus the creation of all the assets and activities (finding the right location for the project, carrying out the various shoots, video shoots, etc.), and the production of usable content, cannot be compared to the digital production line, which by comparison offers considerably reduced costs and time.
  • 6. How do I know who to entrust my project to?
    It is becoming more and more difficult to know who to trust, especially since basic technologies are now more affordable, and there is a growing risk that you will run into companies and people who are not well equipped or lack the skills and experience to guarantee the expected end result. High levels of quality can only be achieved if everything contributes to the best result: expertise, experience, structure, technology, and last but not least, passion!
  • 7. I do not have an in-house technical department, can we work together?

    Inside consists of a Team of professionals who only need a few inputs to work in synergy with the customer and develop a project, even from simple sketches.

  • 8. How do I know if I need a render project and if it is commercially feasible?

    In our experience, we consider it appropriate to invest in an emotional project if it accounts for approximately 4-5% of a budget of up to €100,000. As the budget increases, this percentage decreases to 1.5-3%.

  • 9. Do you work remotely?

    Whenever possible, we prefer to analyse all the project details in person. That is why we are willing to organise meetings at the customer's premises or at our premises whenever necessary. Then, there are some checks or changes that can still be carried out online.

  • 10. How long does it take to design an environment?

    It obviously depends on the environment and the complexity of the project. We can usually deliver the complete project in 4-5 days.

  • 11. Who guarantees the protection of the end customer and the project?

    In addition to being a serious, reliable organisation, Inside prefers not to know the references of the projects assigned and will willingly sign data confidentiality agreements.

    In addition, Inside has a 'Hyperconvergence' system that guarantees inaccessibility from Hacker attacks

  • 12. How do you manage all the information provided to you and avoid their dispersion?

    Each project is assigned a Project Leader who will be the direct contact person for the specific project.

  • 13. How do I know if you are proceeding correctly in the development of the project?

    The Inside Team follows a specific workflow for each project, with follow-up steps by the customer, who is made aware of the project's progress on an ongoing basis.

  • 14. I have three projects to develop at the same time: can you do this?

    Yes, Inside has working groups of professionals able to provide assistance for and work on several projects at the same time.