“You know you’re achieving a result you can't find anywhere else”

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Paglione Costruzioni S.r.l.

“I am Paola Paglione, and I am an architect at Paglione Costruzioni.

For 60 years, the company has always operated with a full circle process, ranging from the design phase, to construction, and sales.

The sales phase is decisive, and it only works if you have access to the right tools to best illustrate what the customer will buy.

We didn’t have those, and when we met Cristian we realised the value of this last step.

The properties we sell are aimed at a high-end market segment, and to attract a luxury target group we need to make a villa look fantastic, or as Inside puts it: create the WOW effect.

Once we saw this, we achieved our goal and in fact ended up exceeding it!

We went beyond our expectations, a perfect harmony was created, and above all, we received so many brilliant proposals and solutions from the studio.

There is no doubt that the hallmarks of the Inside studio include helpfulness and professionalism, but it is when you assess the quality level of their work that you know you’re achieving a result you can't find anywhere else.”

Paola Paglione
Paglione Costruzioni