“Thanks to our collaboration with Inside we began literally creating our own locations”

Frigerio Poltrone e Divani S.r.l.
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“With Cristian and his team we faced a very important change for our company.

Previously we had been used to choosing a location in which we would set up the photo shoot and take the shots we needed. Thanks to our collaboration with Inside, we began literally creating our own locations.

We had to face a big change, and adapt the way we see design. I won’t deny that at the beginning the road was definitely a bit bumpy.

However, we soon realised that the results were amazing.

One of Cristian's traits is his ability to always question himself. There is no taking stances or putting up barriers, but just a close, flexible collaboration.

I can confirm that my experience with Cristian was very positive.
And it still is.”

Gianfranco Frigerio
Vittoria Frigerio