“Inside, people who see and feel, in their hearts and veins, the desire to do excellent work”

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Luxury Apartments

“My name is Cesare Sirotti, I work in the field of energy redevelopment of buildings, we have several companies, one of them is a real estate company that deals with acquiring areas and buildings, redeveloping them, in some cases demolishing them and then rebuilding them.

I have been working in the construction industry for many years, and this has led me to discover certain flaws that are simply mishandled by everyone in the industry, including companies. One of these is at the heart of the construction of a building, namely the design.

For us, the end result becomes paramount and so we need partners who have the same vision, and the same expertise as us.

At Inside we found a team of forward-thinking people who, first and foremost, see and feel, in their hearts and veins, the desire to do excellent work, not just the bare minimum, so not only taking care of every detail starting from the concept, but above all arriving at what our customers often fail to see: the artwork.

What makes them stand out is that they see the project not only in terms of, as I like to say, 'what my wife likes', i.e. only the aesthetic side, but also the technical side, striving to take care of the whole process, from A to Z.”

Cesare Sirotti