“I found myself constantly changing course, so I relied on Cristian's professionalism. In the end, the great result I had in mind arrived”

Rimalcuoio S.r.l
Images of catalogues

“I did the ground work for putting our general catalogue together with Cristian. It was a tiring, difficult process, because this was the first time that we, as a Company, took on a new process associated with 3D technology. Our product is difficult to present by means of both photography and renderings, as light is fundamental for valorising it.

I have to say that before Inside, we had tried out other companies, but they could not get on the same wavelength as our needs. I was continuously having to change course, and then I turned to Cristian's professionalism. Despite having disagreed a number of times, in the end the great result I had in mind came about.

I have a love / hate relationship with Cristian, held together, however, by deep-rooted mutual respect.
The quality I appreciate most in him, is his willingness to provide support constantly.”

Fabio Mascheroni e Roberta Caglio
Ludovica Mascheroni