"Always put the GOAL before the DIFFICULTIES"

Riva Mobili d'Arte S.r.l.
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"I’ve known Cristian for a long time but for various reasons had never worked with him. An opportunity arose for an important project for which mistakes were not an option and I had very little time. I contacted him and I have to say that I honestly found him to be helpful and, as I say, smart, and in no time at all we started with a first room.

“I entrusted him with the creation and visualisation of the rooms for the catalogue, and then the first room, which the end client liked and which led me to entrust him with the whole villa. I got on really well with him right from the get go; it is difficult today to find people in the world of work who are so responsive and professional, who put the goal before the difficulties, faced with tight deadlines, and, above all, who are dedicated to the result. From my experience so far, I would say exceptional collaboration."

Francesco Riva
Riva Mobili d'Arte