3D laser scanner technology for photorealistic rendering of furnishings and furniture - Inside Studio Architettura d'Interni


Since 2008, Insiderender has been the first and only firm in the world to introduce the laser scanner solution for 3D reconstruction of carved furniture, such as sofas, armchairs and accessories.
In the 3D rendering world, to date Insiderender has reconstructed and enhanced about 6,000 objects manufactured by leading international furniture firms.
The 3D laser scanner technology allows a true detailed reconstruction of any geometrically complex product with a precision of 1/10 of a mm.

Case History


Furnishing project for a prestigious villa in Moscow, in partnership with Provasi staff.


Catalogue of furniture presenting rich chiselled shapes that were reproduced with the 3D laser scanner and the photo insertion technique.


The 300 items of furniture of the Oak catalogue were entirely rendered with the 3D laser scanner.

Colombo Stile

The collection of special Colombo Stile furniture was recreated with the 3D scan technique.