Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on rendering, 3D laser scanner technology and virtual architecture - Inside Studio Architettura d'Interni


Is it true that rendering times are always very long and require powerful wks?

Yes, it is true, and this depends on the complexity of the scenes. We have chosen a SERVER BLAIDE that has 36 bi-processors and that cuts down rendering times. Proportionately, if a normal computer uses 4 hours for a render, with our SERVER you will have the image in 10-15 minutes, depending on the complexity of the scene. Our operators work with wks that have 16 processors and 64 Gb RAM, and a 4 Gb graphics card to process large images.

Do you work remotely?

We prefer to discuss all the details personally. You must not worry about the distance. We shall visit you and work together for the necessary period. Some particular project-related checks are, however, performed online.

For now I only have one project to be developed, can you help me?

Yes, we also work on one single project. Usually those who decide to cooperate with us do not limit relations to a simple occasional service, but wish to be assisted by a professional who knows the rationale and dynamics of the company in order to obtain a result that is consistent with its style.
It is a choice that also allows to considerably cut down costs.

What is a render?

The render is a digital graphic representation of an object or an architecture that is designed or surveyed from reality.

What is rendering?

Rendering is the series of operations and activities that produce the digital graphic representation of an object (in our case, of an object or an architectural structure).

What is the 3D laser scanner?

The 3D laser scanner is an electronic device that is used for architectural surveys. It provides the spatial coordinates of the object of the survey, and said coordinates will then be used during the rendering phase.