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Cappellini Intagli, a company that specialises in handcrafted furniture and period accessories, requested the creation of a series of product images for a future catalogue.

Processo produttivo

The initial phase had to follow two parallel methods because the originals were only available for some items, while only the photographic documentation was provided for others. The originals were, therefore, acquired with the 3D laser scanner, and then modelled. The procedure was highly challenging for the wealth of carved and chiselled details typical of the Baroque style. These were also the principal factor of excellence in the client's work. The photo insertion technique was used when only the photographs of furniture were provided. This mixed technique allows to render the objects by starting from 2D images, which are then inserted into the desired setting. The results of the two procedures were finally inserted into the renders of custom-made locations that were consistent with the tone of the furniture.


The final outcome presented the creations of Cappellini Intagli by highlighting their precious features in an impressive catalogue of 400 pages. The client was very appreciative of the result, and especially of Inside staff's capacity to overcome the initial limit of the various samples available, both original and photographic, in order to achieve homogeneous and perfect photorealistic quality. The fruitful partnership was further developed by involving Inside in the design processes too.


Parchettificio Toscano kindly conceded the floor for the French room designed and created by Arch. Gianluca Geraci.


Photorealistic rendering is the ideal solution to present your project with unmistakeable precise details, just as you picture it. Rendering releases creativity and overcomes the physical limits of a setting created in a studio. A versatile and innovative solution to create a custom-made location and a unique original 3D world. A quick and convenient choice to enhance product value in the perfect backdrop.
3D Laser scanner

Photo insertion