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Arcari, a company that specialises in the production of natural wood furniture, requested the creation of 15 locations for fifteen country and classical kitchens to be published in the theme catalogue created by the Tuscan communication agency Gonnelli Associati.

Processo produttivo

Production process The client initially provided the drawings of the kitchens, with certain details of the furniture that were necessary both for the virtual recreation of specific elements and for the study of material characteristics. Hence we used the 3D laser scanner for the acquisition of the soft and carved parts that characterise the country and classical styles. The client's special requirements in terms of realism of materials made it necessary to develop a new technology; therefore, we started from the original elements and photographic documentation to create several samples focused on underscoring the distinctive features of every material, also capturing the natural imperfections of woods and the handcrafted finishes typical of Arcari productions. Later, during the modelling and rendering phases, the samples were applied to the shapes of the furniture, conveying further realism to surfaces and lines. The final phase required the kitchens to be placed in realistic locations, both in terms of spaces and of mood. Regarding the tone and character of the locations, we cooperated with the Art Director of the Tuscan communication agency Gonnelli Associati.


On completion of the work, Arcari obtained the renders of 15 locations for its new country and classic catalogue, with characteristic details of all materials used during the production process. The client was pleased with the result, appreciating the presence of the natural defects of materials that convey the utmost realism to the entire catalogue.


Gonnelli Associati
Studio Tinagli Design


3D Laser scanner
New sample collection procedure for materials