Fontana Grande rendering case history - Inside Studio Architettura d'Interni



Fontana Grande, Vicenza-based General Contractor for large prestigious projects, requested Inside to render a Baroque style “Italian theatre” in view of its construction in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Processo produttivo

The work entailed an in-depth study of the project, whose every detail had to mirror the typical features of the height of the Baroque style between 18th and 19th centuries. The shapes of some of the existing objects were acquired with a 3D laser scanner, and then modelled, rendered and contextualised within Fontana Grande's project. Extreme attention was paid to details, such as stuccos that were beautifully rendered in terms of shapes and finishes.


The final result achieved by Inside was highly appreciated both by Fontana Grande and by Arch. Silvia Sandini, whose project was remarkably enhanced by a representation charged with powerful photorealistic impact, and by the client who had at his disposal the best tool available to evaluate the choice of details.


3D Laser scanner