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Clubhouse Italia contacted Inside to create a series of hyper-realistic and scenic renders and a 3D video of a Miami-based luxurious 1,300 m2 penthouse that stretched over two floors. It was designed by Fendi Casa.

Processo produttivo

The first phase of the project entailed acquiring many items of furniture and accessories with the 3D laser scanner.

Said process was followed by modelling and rendering, which was quite a challenge, considering the large number of elements and the variety of materials and shapes that were, however, consistent with the contemporary style.

The setting, which was later used as the base to process scenic rendering and 3D animation was created in cooperation with the designers of Clubhouse Italia e Clubhouse USA.


The whole work was highly appreciated by Fendi and all partners and professionals involved, who believed in the skills of Inside staff, namely Alberto Vignatelli, President of Clubhouse Italia, Raffaella Vignatelli, Vice President of Clubhouse USA, and Andrea Minnucci, Sales Director of Clubhouse headquarters in Miami.
The excellent outcome of this project has led to an ongoing partnership between Inside and Clubhouse.


3D Laser scanner
3D Video