Rendering project for a private villa - Santo Passaia Case History - Inside Studio Architettura d'Interni



The company Santo Passaia involved Inside in the furnishing project based on synergic cooperation for a private villa situated in San Diego. A 3D video was later created based on the work carried out.

Processo produttivo

At first, designing and rendering only concerned 8 of the 22 rooms of the large villa, while only executive drawings created by professionals of the Veneto-based company were produced for the remaining rooms. The existing furniture was 3D scanned, modelled and rendered by placing the furniture in the locations. The work was then submitted to the private client who was enthusiastic about the result and requested 3D rendering also of the 14 rooms that had been proposed only with traditional drawings. Moreover, the client wanted objects purchased during his frequent journeys to be added to the images. Each of these furniture items and accessories was directly obtained from the producer, scanned, rendered and inserted into the new or previously rendered locations. The final project was proposed in a 3D video.


The private client appreciated both the first and second phases of the work. The company Santo Passaia appreciated the outcome as a confirmation that Inside's contribution is important to underpin sales. It is often decisive in the final choices of the client. Hence, the partnership continued with new projects.


3D Laser scanner

3D Video