Interior design, rendering of elements and 3D videos - Faoma Case History - Inside Studio Architettura d'Interni



Faoma was called to build a prestigious villa in Siberia. Hence, the Treviso-based company involved Inside in the interior design project by requesting the rendering of objects and a 3D video to illustrate the entire project. The established deadline was 4 weeks.

Processo produttivo

Closely cooperating with Faoma, Inside created the interior design project for the 26 locations arranged on three floors of the villa. They were completed with renders of the entire furnishing project and, finally, with the production of a 3D video. To ensure compliance with the narrow deadline and the highest quality standards, the project had to involve a large number of Inside staff members.


The whole project was completed within the short deadline, thus ensuring Faoma's timely delivery to its client. The great appreciation shown by both Faoma, the Treviso-based company, and the client was the lever that led the company to continue the partnership with new projects.


3D Video