OAK Arredamenti rendering case history - Inside Studio Architettura d'Interni


Oak Industria Arredamenti, a company that specialises in high end contract furnishings throughout the world, appointed Inside to create 3D images of its furniture listed in the catalogue with a video of certain selected products.

Processo produttivo

The initial phase of the project entailed scanning of all the 300 items proposed by the client. This was followed by modelling and rendering of every object. Said process required considerable effort as a result of the different stylistic features of the furniture, with the subsequent need to adopt an adequate technical approach for every case. When creating the classical collection with its rich inlaid details and handcrafted features, Inside staff focused especially on these aspects. Instead, for contemporary furniture with its simple lines, the greatest effort was demanded by the realistic yield of the materials. A choice of products in the catalogue was finally used to create a 3D video.


The finished work met with the client's approval, both the catalogue images and the video. Hence, this first successful project resulted in the ongoing partnership between Oak and Inside for location design.


3D Laser scanner
3D Video